to participate in our campaign to strengthen our endowment to fund the requests of worthy educational projects received each year. As an all volunteer organization, nearly all of your RPSF donation will influence the learning experiences of Rochester's public school students.

RPSF Asks You


People occasionally ask why additional funding is needed for area public schools supported by tax dollars. Our tax dollars barely cover the fixed overhead of the 535 school district, the salaries, benefits, utilities, transportation and maintenance. Very few dollars remain to invest in innovating teaching and improving student learning experiences. Important basics, even reading materials, are also not adequately funded. Your donation to RPSF really makes a difference for students in Rochester's classrooms!

  • Enhances academic excellence in our public schools by providing funding not available through public sources.
  • Expands learning opportunities for all our children.
  • Stimulates creativity and innovation.
  • Enriches the schools’ basic curriculum.
  • Encourages community and business involvement in our public schools.

Why Donate to RPSF?

The Rochester Public Schools Foundation (RPSF) exists on the premise that every child needs a strong educational foundation. RPSF creates and maintains endowments to support quality programs for Rochester's youth, often pilot programs, that directly and positively impact student learning.