Q: Where does all the money go?


A: All proceeds go toward grants for RPS staff. 



Q: How do I pay for Boofest?


A: Boofest is a cash only event. No credit cards or checks will be accepted.

Q: How much many can I anticipate on spending?

A: Tickets are 50 cents each and the majority of games are 2 tickets to play. Most people spend between $10-$40 depending on how many children you bring and how many games they want to play.  

Q: How much time will I spend at Boofest?

A: Plan to be there a couple of hours. There are about 25 games to walk through and play. Also plan to spend more time there if you will be eating. 

Q: Is food provided?

A: Food can be purchased at the event. BB's Pizza will be bringing food this year



Q: What kind of games are at Boofest?

​A: There are typical games that would be seen at any children's carnival such as ring toss, bag toss, fishing for candy, and pumpkin painting. They all have a Halloween theme 

More questions can be sent to RPSFBooFest@gmail.com