Funded Projects for 2023

1. Provided robots that assist with hands-on lessons in coding using iPads and the database, a learning platform to provide coding experience for students K-12

2. Purchased whiteboards and magnetics erasers to provide vertical white board spaces within the classroom to encourage active thought and participation

3. A  climbing gym membership to provide experiential education and as an incentive for students with emotional behavior disorders

4. Using Project Get Outdoors, teach Environmental Education to Riverside Kindergarten and 5th Graders with teaching materials to support outdoor learning goals.

5. Purchased a set of bakery equipment for the secondary students at Phoenix Academy so students gain empowerment and entrepreneurial skills creating a school bakery

6. Through Moving to Mastery, a system of strategic movement breaks, stimulate learning readiness in the prepubescent brain

Funded Projects for 2022

1. Design a daily interactive Club Time for Riverside Right Fit and Newcomer students

2. Add 6 new adaptive trikes to the elementary bike fleet utilized by all elementary schools

3. Allow for education on musical instruments with playing experience at Middle School

4. Activities to meet the individual needs of ASD students to build independence and social skills at Mayo HS

5. A gardening project for RAIL students based on the Minnesota School Gardens curriculum

6. Creation of two separate sensory room spaces within the Friedell building for students enrolled at RAIL and Middle School Right Fit

7. Have classrooms adopt a garden box and carry out the planning, planting and harvesting process at Ben Franklin Elementary