Young Writers Supporting Emergent Readers

Sunset Terrace Elementary School

At Sunset Terrace Elementary School, we have a system that supports independent reading and reading growth.  It is called Action 100.  Students are leveled according to their independent reading level.  Students read for 30 minutes from books at their independent level at school and also at home.  We have a bookroom that houses these books for student use.  The very emergent books follow a repetitive pattern.  The goal is to teach voice to print matching and one to one correspondence with words.

We have a shortage of emergent books.  Students who are emerging readers need to bring home at least five of these books each night.  When purchasing these books commercially they cost approximately $6.00 per book. We have purchased the quality emerging readers which we have been able to find.  The supply is not plentiful. To publish our own is a win/win situation.

In order to help alleviate this shortage we are beginning to have fourth and fifth grade students write and publish emerging reader books.  This provides a very positive writing purpose for the older children, as they know the books will be going home and helping younger students read.  It also fills a need for the younger students as they will have more books to read.   It is motivating for the younger students to read these books, as they may know the author.