Rochester Rotary II STRIVE Scholarships

RPSF funds 3 college scholarships each year for one student from Century, John Marshall and Mayo High Schools that complete the STRIVE program with an improved GPA.

Funds are awarded early Spring to the 535 District upon presentation to the Rochester Public School Board, and soon after are made available so that recipients can then implement their program.

Click this button for the grant application and more information for those interested in applying.

Annual Grants

Each year, multiple one year grants of $2500 or less are awarded to 535 district staff, sometimes parent volunteer co-leaders as well, to try out new and innovative teaching methods, programs or infrastructure with our students. Taxes primarily support ongoing school operations. Especially during times of uncertain public school funding, these small grants enable pilot projects to demonstrate a track-record of achievements and overcome obstacles. Importantly, these grants fund experiences and technology that otherwise would not be available to K-12 students.

A review committee, external but reporting to the RPSF board, evaluates and prioritizes the grant applications. Than, the board decides how many of the top-scoring applications to fund. RPSF annually recruits district staff members for this committee. If willing, volunteer!

RPSF Grants and Funding