• contribute to the excellence of the educational experience within Rochester Public Schools​

Grant Guidelines and Application


  • Proposals must follow the format in the application RPSF provides; please do not leave a section(s) blank.

  • Applicants must discuss the feasibility and the implementation of the proposal with the appropriate Building Administrator. Comments from the Building Administrator and the date reviewed must be included in the appropriate section of the application.

  • Technology purchases must obtain the approval of the Technology department staff..

  • ​One Project Director must be a district staff member.

  • Proposals must define SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable. Realistic & Time-bound) goals in detail.

  • Proposals must stress positive long-term impacts that align with Rochester Public School's mission.

High-scoring RPSF grant applications...

  • very clearly & concisely discuss an expansion or a complement to some aspect of academic program, even when the request is for new infrastructure.
  • focus on creative & unique learning experiences that enrich student's learning or social-emotional growth.
  • appear to be doable within the provided timeline to reviewers who are peer staff.
  • ​strengthen school, home & community partnerships.
  • have a potential to be implemented elsewhere provided a project's objectives are realized.
  • In addition, grant recipients may be asked to share the results, outcomes, and lessons learned from their grants with their grade-level or department team at a staff or district-wide meeting.
Reporting Requirements:
  • engage community members who become aware of very innovative projects, which increases donations to RPSF, creating a bigger impact on children’s lives.
  • enable pilot projects that otherwise would not occur given very limited resources.
These RPSF grants...
  • may enrich student learning district-wide as successful projects serve as seeds to grow similar programs across Rochester's schools.
  • help school staff and volunteers to spark our kids’ sense of discovery and enthusiasm for learning.

Feel free to discuss your educational proposal & grant application with RPSF!

Contact RPSFGrantCommittee@gmail.com

  • Recipients must submit a project summary of outcomes and lessons learned, along with pictures, to RPSF within one year of receiving grant funds. Submission should be emailed to  RPSFGrantCommittee@gmail.com

RPSF grants may NOT be used for...

  • participation in seminars, college courses, or workshops.
  • compensation for time and/or services for public school personnel.
  • ​code 7’s (substitute teachers) except for a teacher supervising students in grant-related activities.
  • ​purchase of food unless request is integral to the completion of the grant.

RPSF will have two grant cycles that align with the Rochester School District's spring and fall semesters. The grant application deadline for Spring Semester 2020 and the entire school year of 2020-2021 is,

November 10, 2019

​The maximum budget request is $2500.

Eligible applicants are staff of Rochester Public School District #535, and any students or volunteers working in partnership with these staff members.

A large amount of RPSF funding comes from our annual Halloween event, BooFest, in which all money raised goes to staff grants. We also get money from community members, businesses, corporations, other foundations, civic organizations, parents and school staff. Most grants are supported by a General Fund, that accepts gifts made in honor or in memory of a designee.