Sept. 16th, 2015

All available MAD funds were distributed for this current school year.


MAD Grants Awarded 2015-2016

Make A Difference Grant

  -- "MAD" Grant

The maximum allotment for a MAD grant is $250 per person, per year. RPSF will award up to  $5000 per academic year. Granting will end when this amount has been reached each year, and will resume at the start of the next year.   Requests will be reviewed by the Board of Directors of the Rochester Public School Foundation on a monthly basis October through April of each year (the board meets the 2nd Wednesday of every  month). 

After a MAD grant has been awarded, recipients must pay for expenses up front and submit receipts for reimbursement (as per IRS Rules) to either:

Rochester Public School Foundation

201 8th Street NW 

Rochester, MN 55901

or for a faster result, a scanned image of the receipt to:

MAD grant requests should be submitted no later than the first Wednesday of the month for same month review. Funds may be requested for a variety of purposes to enhance educational excellence within the Rochester Public Schools.

Please note the following criteria for eligibility:

  • You must first seek to utilize any applicable local PTA funds, if available, before requesting a MAD grant.
  • Requests that group or combine multiple MAD grant applications for one purpose will not be considered.
  • Staff travel, training, and compensation for time are not eligible funding requests.
  • Requests for food will not be considered.