Designated Funds

New Athletics Fund (growth phase)​
Presently seeking contributions to assist with sports initiatives for students who would not otherwise be able to participate.

By establishing an endowment with a substantial donation, you ensure generations of students have quality educational experiences, either inside or outside the classroom. Examples can be scholarships, athletics, student healthcare, field trips or educational subjects. Named funds can be started through contributions of cash, stock, charitable remainder trusts, bequests. or multi-year pledges. To discuss an existing or potential designated fund, please contact Mark Kuisle:

Designated endowments provide an opportunity to support a specific program or initiative in perpetuity. Over 20 years, 7 designated funds emerged to which one may donate. As a grant application is reviewed, consideration is given to whether designated funds may be utilized.

Jacqueline B. Goodyear Fund
Established 1989 to enrich exposure of Rochester Public Schools students in the fine arts, and thereby promote both interest and achievement.

Joel E. Luhman Memorial Fund
Established 1992 to provide opportunities in Rochester Public Schools that promote student interest and achievement in both creative writing and outdoor photography.

Mike Ladin Memorial Fund
Established 1994 to fund creative educational excellence through innovative participation and education quality in Rochester Public Schools, while providing assistance for students who may not otherwise be able to participate.

Joseph Stanich Memorial Fund (building)
Established 2009 to enrich classrooms within the Rochester Public Schools. Excellent place for a donation memorializing beloved teachers as fund is inactive until a minimum principle is obtained.

Chance Fund (growth phase)​
Presently seeking contributions to assist with education initiatives for students who would not otherwise be able to participate.

E​stablished 2011, this fund promotes interests of today's youth in the educational area's of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math.

Established funds exist because of generous contributions.  If passionate about a designated endowment, please donate to that fund. Three funds presently require a higher principle balance to become active. Otherwise, contribute to the unrestricted general fund. Many RPSF grant submissions do not fall into a particular category, and exceptional projects sadly remain unfunded by RPSF every year.