5th Grade One-to-One iPad Project

Folwell Elementary School

​The Folwell 5th Grade One-to-One iPad Project is designed to provide one iPad for every 5th grader at Folwell Elementary School.  Each student will use a dedicated iPad with applications and software applicable to that particular student and associated with that student’s district-provided Google account.  The benefit of this project is that the students will have constant access to a wealth of resources designed to supplement and enhance their classroom learning in reading, math, science and social studies, while also being able to immediately access reference material, research and teacher-led  activities.  Students will be able to use creative ways to collaborate on projects and presentations, without having to wait for time in the computer lab or for open netbooks.  Students will also be able to use applications and software programs in special education, speech and gifted services classes to increase the benefit that these classes provide.  This increase in access to educational materials and the increase in technological knowledge will better prepare Folwell 5th Grade students for middle school and beyond.